Pumpkini travels – part 2

Well, I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to find out where Pumpkini went next! Last time we saw him we’d been livin it up in London, Sydney and Berlin. The heady city life was all getting a bit much for him so he headed off for some R&R in the Welsh country side with the wonderful @Mandy_J1

Mandy_Menai StraitsHe surveyed the Menai straights








He got all regal at Conwy castle

Mandy_Conwy castle








And then he got his melon twisted by trying to pronounce the most unpronounceable town in the world



As beautiful and refreshing as the countryside was, Pumpkini is a city boy at heart, so he set off for Paris and the Elisa_Effil tower 2warm welcome of  Today I hope. He totally loved the Eiffel Tower…well, who doesn’t?





Then of course, it was off to see the Arc de Triomphe

Elisa_Arc de Triumph


Finally, Today I Hope took him out for a night on the town….I’m not sure I approve of her corrupting my little boy. Oh la la!









Next was Surrey, back in the UK to see the horse-loving and general outdoorsy @lordysgirl . Pumpkini’s life of debauchery was soon forgotten with the hearty activities @lordysgirl had lined up for him.

LG_showjumpingHe went showjumping….





LG_cycling….bike riding…









And had quite a lot of fun playing hide and seek – can you spot him?

LG_Hiding with van

LG_hiding with horse


LG_Having wine


After all this excitement he relaxed with a cheeky glass of wine – who can blame him?


He’s just arrived stateside to visit @onfecundthought in San Diego….and so the adventure continues!

Pumpkini travels part 1

Just over 6 months ago* I was crowned champion of IF pumpkin smackdown with the story of Pumpkina and her dreams of a pumpkini…my greatest achievement in life to date. A few weeks after that my little pumpkini set off on his travels and has been steadily making his way around the world, putting right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap would be the leap home…..no, no wait, that was the premise of Quantum Leap.

Pumpkini has actually been making his way around the world bringing hope, love and giggles to infertiles everywhere – the ones he visits and the others that have a little smile when they see him in a new part of the world.

So I thought I should do a little 6 month round up of this travels and spread a bit more of his infertile love…hmm that sounded better in my head. Anyway…..

He started off sight seeing in London with me…or more specifically the sights that are on my way to work, starting with Tower Bride:

bridge Then checking out the Shard, and enjoying the Tower of London in  the rain (of course, it is London afterall):

2013-11-08 12.42.31











But Pumpkini was tired of the London weather and wanted some sunshine so I packed him up, and shipped him off packingto see @ivfferescent in Sydney






@ivfferescent welcomed Pumpkini into her home ….and into her heart

Amy_sydney street









He repaid her kindness by supporting her at a colleague’s maternity-leave party…just chilling out by the hummus, keeping an eye on herAmy_buffetBut they had the most fun together when out and about…. this video still makes me giggle everytime.**


After enjoying the sunshine, the next stop for Pumpkini was Germany to see @littlemissicsi and the impressive sightsLittlemissICSI_berlin of Berlin….I also think he might have been out to sample some of that famous Berlin nightlife.


Tune in next time to find out where Pumpkini’s travels took him next!





*I can’t work out if I’m horrified that it was so long ago or that its gone so fast?!

**Pumpkini obviously only encourages safe driving practices!

Double win

packingSo a week on from being crowned #IFpumpkinsmackdown winner (I wonder how many more times I can mention this?!!) and @ivffervescent made the brilliant suggestion that little Pumpkini makes a round the world trip to Bondi Beach for some fun in the sun. I LOVE the idea of Pumpkini travelling the world bringing a smile to infertile faces so today I am packing him off!  

 But not before he’s had a bit of fun in his home town! So here is Pumpkini checking out Tower Bridge….


 Doing a selfie in front of the Shard…

2013-11-08 12.42.31

 And visiting the Tower of London….in the rain of course!


 These are obviously all the best sites to see in London, and not just the ones on my way to work!

Apart from embarrassing myself by taking photos of a small pumpkin in a nappy I’ve had a fairly busy week! On Monday I had a session with my acupuncturist after my rather disappointing scan on Thursday which showed my lining was not the plush, fluffy, embryo ready place I was hoping it would be. He gave me some herbs to help my lining which I had to boil up, strain, boil up again and then drink. It was the worst thing I have ever drunk in my life…and I drank White Lightening* as a teenager! Seriously ugh.

So after a few days of drinking the drink of death (and probably more importantly taking a higher dose of Prognova!) I went for my scan yesterday and my lining is now……8.8!! wooooo! So transfer is now booked in for Tuesday. I also asked the nurse what my lining had been last cycle and it was 7.9. So of course the little hope monster in me has jumped straight on that!

In other good news my step-dad had a very complicated and scary, but ultimately successful operation yesterday. I was so relieved. Although my father is pretty useless, my step-dad is a wonderful man who has been there for me since I was little – teasing me, being silly, giving me lifts everywhere, giving me a ‘proper’ taste in music etc. I am truly lucky to have him and so so pleased he came through the operation ok. He is a pretty old school ‘man’s man’ and runs his body on coffee and cigs so was v worried.

So Thursday was a double win day! And you know that good things come in threes! Although I do need more good luck for my embies to defrost on Tuesday….damn it. I’ll have to have two other bits of luck happen over the 2ww to round me back up to three by OTD!

*for all you non-UK/too young/too classy people out there, White Lightening is a very very very cheap, nasty and strong cider that teenagers across the land used in the 90s to get drunk for about £1.50!


I’m still in total shock at being crowned the Grand Prize Winner of #IFpumpkinsmackdown! I have never won any form of competition, much less a creative one. It’s kind of a running joke with my friends and family at just how shit I am at anything artistic and so I am not only shocked but genuinely chuffed at winning.

And once again I want to say thank you to Barren Betty and Fertility Doll for organising the competition in the first place. You guys clearly put so much work into getting it going, encouraging others to join, collating all the entries and of course your brilliantly hilarious commentary. Also a huge thanks to Immotileturtle and her family – it really must have been such a difficult thing to judge, there were so many amazing entries and love that the whole family got involved. And last but not least thank you to Kiftsgate for bringing the amazing prizes back from Japan – such a lovely and thoughtful thing to do.

And of course thank you to everyone that entered as looking at all the incredible entries over the last week or so has been such a great distraction from the general shitter that IF is. What a talented bunch us IFers are! More specifically its also distracted me from the lead up to my lining checking scan that was on Thursday. Unfortunately the scan showed that my lining is only 6.4 when it needs to be at least 7.5 before they will go ahead with the frozen transfer which means I’ve got to wait another week and up the Progynova  to 8mg.

I was feeling pretty bummed about this on Thursday. I already feel like I’ve been on these bloody drugs for ever. I thought doing a FET would be quicker than a fresh cycle, but actually it seems longer. I think because with a fresh cycle you have all the monitoring for follies, change in medication, trigger etc. For FET you just stay on the same drugs for bloody weeks, and now an extra week. It’s boring and the waiting kills me.

However, I have to say winning #IFpumpkinsmackdown has cheered me up no end!! In the grand scheme of things a week is nothing. So many of you lovely ladies have to wait months if not years to get the chance to do IUI/IVF and so I have sucked up my whiney vaginey ways!

Also, now that Halloween is over its Bonfire night. Yay! I bloody LOVE Bonfire night! Wrapping up warm, trudging out into a muddy field, the put-your-life-in-the-hands-of-pikeys  funfair, the inevitable wait for the late show, writing your name with crappy sparklers and finally the fireworks. Love. It. All.   I always make DH stand behind me and give me a cuddle as we watch the show, and insist that he ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhhs’ along with me!

Tonight DH and I are going to the local big display, next Friday the school at the back of our house has its own display which we can just stand in our garden and watch – its ridiculously impressive for a small primary school. Not that I’m complaining but maybe they should be spending money on I dunno, say books instead of fireworks??!  Then on Saturday we’re going to a friend’s fireworks party (and am definitely not nervous about being at the party with all their kids and seeing them doing lovely family things together that I desperately want to do with my own children. Definitely not.) Yaaaay!!

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!


Get ready because its……

That’s right, as the kids said it’s #IFpumpkinsmackdown time! And yes, this is a shameless attempt to make you focus on how cute my niece and nephews are, rather than how crap my carving abilities are!

So, today we set about carving pumpkins, which basically involves giving pretty sharp knives to pretty small people…supervised by Nana of course.


All that deseeding and carving was pretty hard work, so we did have to stop for a tea break….I promise I wasn’t drinking any caffeine…definitely not…it was all for the pumpkin.


Finally my masterpiece was ready. Meet Pumpkina. She dreams of the day she will have her own Pumpkini, but until that day comes she’s pretty sad.


All of her friends (and almost everyone she’s ever met) are happy and fertile, but Pumpkina often feels lonely and left out.


As night draws in the desire for a little pumpkini seems to shine brighter.


She hopes so much that one day she will get her pumpkini – she hopes we all will.

The End!

And one final shameless use of cute kids!