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The baby arrived….

…quite a time ago actually! She was 7 weeks on Saturday and every week I’ve thought ‘I must update my blog’ and have never managed it. After wanting a baby for so long, and having been surrounded by EVERYONE I KNOW having a baby I pretty much knew what to expect – the tiredness, the wonder, the crying, the fantasticness, the tiredness – but what I was not prepared for is how there is not a single minute in the day. Seriously, the days whizz by in a blur of feeding, changing, burping, playing, trying to rest, trying to put a wash on, feeding, changing etc. Add to this that somehow I’ve managed to plan a hen-do for 16 girls to go away for the weekend in this time it hasn’t left a second to update you all.

So, here you go – the birth story!

I started getting pains on Thursday 31 May and very slowly progressed with contractions coming and going over a couple of days – they would mainly come when I laid down to sleep and go when I got up! So between Thursday morning and Saturday I got about 3 hours sleep. In total. By about 2am on Saturday they had been getting stronger and closer together and I decided to go to the midwife led centre as I was pretty sure I was in established labour. We drove the half hour journey to the hospital, my sister met us there as she was also my birth partner and the midwife examined me. I was 2cm. 2. I cried. I felt like a total idiot for thinking I was further along and pretty scared about how much more painful this was going to get since I was in a lot of pain, already exhausted and only 3cms. They gave me some codeine and sent me home where I managed to get another hour or so sleep as the contractions had slowed again. 

When I woke up they were getting stronger and stronger and at 4pm my waters broke after the day of trying to get comfy and rest between contractions (and failing at both). When we’d been at our NCT classes the teacher had said that some people only get a trickle rather than a big ‘sploosh’ and since then DH had been saying he wanted to see a ‘sploosh’! He wanted the drama! So when they did break I just stood in my living room saying “sploosh, sploosh”!! And sploosh they did – thank god we have wooden floors!

Just after she was born

Just after she was born

Luckily they did sploosh as we noticed they were green tinged and so when we phoned the hospital they told us to go to the delivery ward, rather than the midwife led unit. We arrived at 5pm, was examined and I was 4cm and they confirmed I had meconium in my waters. I couldn’t believe I was still only 4cms…how?? I was in so much pain and I’d been going for so long. I asked right then for an epidural as I was convinced I still had hours and hours to go if it had taken so long to get to 4cm.

The anaesthetist was in an emergency C-section but I was told he’d come once finished and had the gas and air whilst waiting. By 6.30pm I was 6cm dilated and by 8pm I felt the intense urge to push. The midwife didn’t think I should be trying to push, examined me and then changed her mind! I was fully dilated and had beaten the anaesthetist! I think the idea that an epidural was coming got me through the pain and enabled me to do it on the gas and air.

Sophia was born 40 minutes later at 8.42pm on Saturday 2nd May (same day as the Princess, although our princess is better, obvs), 7lb 2oz of perfect. It was such an intense and amazing experience. The pushing was seriously exhausting and I did tear but by that point I really didn’t care!

Daddy cuddles

Daddy cuddles

Since she arrived our lives have been turned upside down in the best way. Its exhausting and often tough but so very amazing. Especially since she started smiling a few weeks ago – that makes the sleep depravation a lot easier to take!

It was worth it. The years of struggle, the tears, the injections and tests and dildocams. The failed IVF rounds (although it was a ‘natural’ pregnancy in the end), the month after month after month of negative pregnancy tests. It was all worth it to have her in my arms.

Her first smile

Her first smile

9 thoughts on “The baby arrived….

  1. beautiful baby!! so happy for you! the first half of your birth story sounds really similar! second half not so much as for me it went on for 18 hours after waters broke. but with an epidural for 7 of those hours.. xx

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