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I am now 24 (almost 25) weeks pregnant. This is a huge milestone for me. The whole way through this pregnancy I’ve been thinking “if I can just get past Christmas, if I can just get to 24 weeks it’ll mean I’m almost definitely having a baby”. And now it’s here. Of course there are still things that can go wrong but we’d be very very unlucky for that to happen…and surely I’ve had my fair share of bad luck?!

The other milestone was getting to Christmas, getting through Christmas without it being heart wrenchingly painful. Last year was just so awful that when we were booking our honeymoon to Sri Lanka (before shock BFP) we booked to fly on Christmas day to make sure we would avoid having to go through it all again. We cancelled the trip – 3 weeks backpacking around Sri Lanka at 5 months pregnant was not going to work – and instead actually enjoyed Christmas for the first time in years. I thought many times of my wonderful blog/twitter friends still struggling in the trenches of the hideous IF war over the Christmas period and hope it wasn’t too painful for you.

Now we’re past Christmas and well into the new year I’ve pulled my head out of the too-worried-to-plan sand of the first part of the pregnancy and headlong into oh-shit-there’s-so-much-to-do phase! I’m basically freaking out. About everything.

We’ve started looking into what type of pram we should get. Jesus. Christ. The choice is too much….the price is waaaay too much! I’ve spent hours and hours online going round and round in circles reading a million reviews for a million different prams, all of which have reviews saying “this is the best thing ever” next to ones that say “its evil and dangerous”. Asking friends doesn’t seem to help either, it just confuses the process even more.

The conflicting information is not just limited to prams either. I thought I should probably buy some books about babies and what to do with them as, whilst I know A LOT about getting pregnant, and even a bit now about being pregnant, I really know nothing about having an actual baby other than bits and pieces gleaned from my siblings and many, many friends that have kids. But even baby books are contentious and views on them conflicting. I’ve been told to read loads and pick the best bits from each one and to read none as they’ll just freak me out! And my goodness do people get het up about different people’s opinions to childrearing!!

Also, looking on all these sites, forums etc reminds me what bloody morons (most some) fertiles can be. Seriously, they make me want to stab myself in the eye. Which is probably recommended and disapproved of in a forum somewhere.

So any advice on baby books/prams/anything else I might need is welcome!

For those still struggling, I hope so much that 2015 brings you happiness, in whatever form that comes in xxxx

12 thoughts on “Viability

  1. Hey lovely, congratulations on getting to viability! None of my fertile friends celebrated it but I did!

    Quick word on the pram. We bought a Joie beca use they were good but cheap. We went to mothercare and they talked us through it. It’s light, the handoes extend and the basket is big too. However if you do go for the Joie iI’d recommend buying some kind of insert for the car seat (which you can get) to keep baby more comfortable cos when they’re little they’re basically engulfed and their car seat doesn’t have much head support. You can also buy a maxi cosi car seat and use it with the joie travel system. Xxx

  2. I’m glad to read you enjoyed Christmas 2014 and that is was definitely better than last year’s!! I remember very well how different it felt, even though I was only 12 weeks at Christmas, but with every milestone the little flame inside me burned bigger and brighter so I could actually enjoy “looking forward to have our baby” more and more. So YAY again for passing that viability milestone!! (^_^)

    I’m not going to say this is the best or what we have/do is the status quo and everyone should follow as there are enough people like that out there (as you wrote, forums and message boards seem to attract lots of them, I poked my nose into one back then and left right away). We have a quinny speedy pram that came with 2 attachments. One was the attachment thing were newborns and little baby lay in (I have no idea how to describe that better in English *sorry*) and the other one is the attachment that turns it into a stroller so bigger babies can sit/lounge in it later. We liked that, because we don#t have to buy an extra stroller later (as you wrote: fucking expensive that baby hardware)….we also liked that the quinny pram has real tires instead of plastic/rubber wheels only – as we think it’s so much more comfortable for baby to ride in it and for us to push (pushes real easy btw.)…I think that quinny speedy pram can also be used with a maxi cosi (we don’t have car, so no maxi cosi here) which is another plus and my pregnant friend fell in love with that pram when she saw it at our place and ordered on herself (despite also being tight on the money front).

    When it comes to baby books..we have one (german, so it wouldn’t make sense for you anyway LOL) that we occasionally look into for facts on baby development, and we have one for emergency help situations that can occur with baby (also in german) so that we feel a bit more prepared for first aid situations.

    I hope you get to enjoy your pregnancy to the end – more and more with each day and milestone passed and I’m excited to follow your updates here (and on twitter) 🙂

      • Yes, trying it out is definitely the best!! I described it beforehand to my friend and she read about it on amazon and what people think and stuff, and also went to shops to look at all the options and said it definitely helped her decide because she could “feel” the differences (height of the basket, how easy or not to push, stability while pushing etc…having real tires also was something she came to find important in the end ;)…)

        Have fun trying out the different options and in the end pick the one that suits YOU best (^_^)

  3. Yay for viability! I never read any baby books while preparing for my first baby but looking back, there were some things that it may have been easier to know ahead of time vs googling in the middle of the night. Most of it seems to come naturally although who knows how much stuff I am doing “wrong”. 😉

  4. Bought an iCandy-all able to do one handed and the carrycot can be an overnight sleeper as it’s ventilated. The Maxicosi Pebble car seat fits on easily too. For me the most important thing was ease on public transport and it fits down a bus so that works for me! The pram/pushchair is all in one pack and it was easy to put together!

    Only book I’ve read is the Mumsnet one-utterly hilarious and points out both sides to every bit of theory. Realy recommend it as its not preachy! Also the bit about Nipples and hairdryers…

  5. yay- congrats on your awesome milestone! I read a bit of what to expect but hated it. i did find ‘the happiest baby on the block’ good but had to skim a little as it was very very repetitive. i think i could read every book available and still be scaring myself late at night with Dr Google. The best resouce for me was another mum to tell me when I was being crazy and what was ‘normal’. ‘Cos lots of baby things definately don’t seem normal!

  6. Yuppy!!! congrats on reaching viability!!! this is fantastic lovely!! Hope things will continue to go well. Sorry no advice from me but I will be happy to get all your knowledge later 😀
    Big hug. xx

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