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Livin on a Prayer

“Woahhhhhhh we’re half way there, WAAAAOOOHHHHHHH HOOOO livin on a prayer!”

This is my way of saying, I’ve hit 20 weeks! Half way. Would you Adam and Eve it?*

I’m actually in a state of disbelief that I’ve got this far. 20 weeks. I’m now officially out of the danger zone and into the ‘holy crap I’m pregnant’ zone. Last Saturday DH and I went for a private scan just to check out how the little monkey was getting on.

Wow. There has been an awful lot of growing going on. The private clinic (I say ‘clinic’ it was actually a weird little room with an ultrasound machine in it, but it did the job) used a 4D scanner so we were able to see the baby actually moving around. The last time we saw a 4D scan was at 11 weeks, just before the wedding and frankly it looked like a Nik Nak. But this time…..there’s an actual baby in there! He/she was wriggling around so much, constantly moving and rubbing its eyes, sucking its fingers. It was just incredible. I wish I could have one of those machines at home, I’d be watching all day. After about 10 minutes or so of us ohhing and ahhing monkey had obviously had enough of putting on a show, turned round and showed us its bum and wouldn’t turn back again. Ha! We get the message!

“Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear, WAAAAOOOHHHHHHH HOOOO livin on a prayer!”

Well this week, we feel less like we’re ‘livin on a prayer’ and a lot more like we’re going to make it. The scan has made us feel so much more confident in the pregnancy, and to add to that I’m now feeling movement every day which is such a reassurance.

We’ve started planning things. We’ve talked about names, and not even in a whisper but right out loud.

We’re going to have a baby.

This hit me yesterday when stood in my kitchen and I sobbed happy, happy tears. The whole time I’ve been pregnant I haven’t let myself go and properly cried or been overly happy about it because I’ve always been waiting for it to end. Enough now. It’s time to enjoy this.


* Sorry, not sure what’s wrong with me I’m a bit hyper today but really no excuse for going all mockney on you, on top of a Bon Jovi reference. For my non-British readers ‘mockney’ is the use of cockney phrases/accent when you’re really not a cockney. Whilst I do have a saaaaaafff (south!) east London accent, I’m definitely not a cockney!

12 thoughts on “Livin on a Prayer

  1. Waaaaaa Congratulations on making it halway there!!!! (echoing: “woooooo hooooo livin on a prayer!”) haha, I love your move/song references, and especially this as I’ve been actually thinking and listening to it around the same time during pregnancy (“We’ve gotta hold on ready or not – You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got” especially as an IF-TTCer that just goes straight through my heart)

    yay for 4D scan – isn’t it just amazing to see an actual teeny tiny human wiggling around on screen knowing that that’s happening in your bump. I never really could wrap my head around that, no matter how often I tried *g* DH actually said at one point: “So…how much do those Ultrasound machines cost?” *laughs* We also would have loved to have a bump-tv at home, but the fetal doppler was the less expensive choice that served us well, too!

    Happy tears are good – full of joy and glad you finally hit the point (emotionally) where you can let yourself go a bit and enjoy those moments!

    Wishing you a wonderful second half of pregnancy – it’s all nearing the countdown to the big finaly from now on – wooooooooohooooo!!

  2. Now that song will be in my head all nigt :-)Sooooo glad you and your bun are cooking well. Hope you hve a boring and uneventful second half. Dont forget to keep us posted xx

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