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The Danger Zone

Somehow, I’m now 15 and a half weeks pregnant. This has gone both ridiculously quickly and torturously slowly. Sunday started my 15th week with scary dull stabby pains in my left ovary area, accompanied by even scarier very sharp shooting pains down into my ..a-hem…well, clitoris/urethra (a sensation DH has since named ‘lightening cooch’).

This was understandably scary but after lots of googling/tweeting I’d tried to calm myself into realising that there’s  a lot of growing going on in there, and some of its bound to hurt a bit. The ovary pain had stopped by Monday but I still had ‘lightening cooch’ and thought it might be a urinary infection so went to the GP on Tuesday morning. The GP dipped a stick in my wee (I could fill a bath with sticks that have been dipped in my wee…although probably wouldn’t use my bath) and said I didn’t have a urinary infection as far as he could see but he’d send it off for culture. When I pressed him a bit on what exactly was causing lightening cooch then he was vague, made me lie down and pressed my tummy, said ‘hmmm’ a lot and gave me no answer.

So feeling slightly panicky, I drove home….hitting a parked car on the way. Awesome. It wasn’t exactly a ‘car crash’ as I was going about 5 miles an hour but I still managed to crunch their bumper and cause a general faff that these things cause. Ugh.

I got home and attempted to find a midwife to talk to. I haven’t yet had my first midwife appointment (its next week) so I called the hospital where I had my ‘booking in’ appointment. The receptionist told me that if I was really worried I should go to A&E as I was ‘too pregnant’ to go to the EPU. Helpful. With a rather wobbly voice I told her I actually just wanted to speak to someone. She gave me a number for a midwife assessment line. Perfect you might think. I called them and they said they only treat people who are over 20 weeks, but told me everything was ‘probably ok’.

Brilliant. So basically if you’re between 12 and 20 weeks you’re on your own – it’s A&E or nothing. And I didn’t think I was having a miscarriage right at that time, I was pretty sure it wasn’t the time to go and sit in A&E for 5 hours to have a Dr that knows very little about antenatal medicine prod me. But…I just wanted someone to say “ohhh lightening cooch, yes pregnant women get this all the time” or “hmmmm lightening cooch, never heard of that, could be worrying you should definitely go to A&E now”.

But they didn’t. So I sat on my sofa and sobbed. Then I called my mum and sobbed. By the time DH called me to see how it went at the Drs I was pretty much hysterical. He left work and came home. Bless him, I’m such a crazy person. Although, in my defence he worries probably more than me, so think him leaving work was as much due to his hysteria as mine.

Now you might think that this is all rather an over reaction to a few cramps and some shooting pains, and I should just stop bloody moaning because, I’m pregnant so what else really matters? And you’d probably be right. But right now I consider myself to be in ‘The Danger Zone’.* For most people, once they get past the 12 week mark they can relax. They’re obviously still nervous but the grip of fear and constant knicker-watch has lessened.

For me, hitting 15 weeks has ramped up my paranoia. Of course I was worried before, and hitting my second trimester was certainly a great feeling. But up until then I had, apart from the odd wobble, been relatively calm. But now I’m in the danger zone – my sister lost 5 babies between 16 and 20 weeks. At the time I was absolutely devastated for her, but now being 15 weeks pregnant I have so much more a realisation of just how horrific this would have been for her than my care-free early 20’s self did. And I’m so incredibly scared it will happen to me.

That’s not to say that I’m not still happy and excited and ever so slowly starting to think about this actually working out. I’ve even noticed DH and I starting to say ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. It’s just any sign of something slightly amiss sets off the dark thoughts and blind panic.

I’m hoping very much that my sister and I just have very different types of fertility issues – she could literally pick the right day of the month to have sex on and she would get pregnant, every time. Since it’s taken me 3.5 years, 4 rounds of IVF and a miracle conception to get this far, it’s got to be ok now….doesn’t it?


* Weeeelll-coooooomme tooooo the danger zone  …have been singing this all day. Now you are. You’re welcome. If you’re not, you’re too young to be reading my blog.Tom+Cruise+Top+Gun

20 thoughts on “The Danger Zone

  1. TOPGUN!!! *wooooo*….ahem….*composes herself* 🙂

    For me, your reaction and “freaking out” is totally understandable. It took you so long to get to “being pregnant” that you can’t just drop all worries with the 12week mark. I think anyone who has ever dealt with IF/(early)loss can relate to that feeling. I admit that I was relieved once I entered the 2nd trimester, but knicker-watch didn’t stop until well into the 3rd trimester (and by then the “is labour near?”-knicker-watch started, so it never really stopped for me).

    I was also afraid of still losing my precious snowflake until around 25-26 weeks (not that it was totally gone afterwards, but by then I could feel her and could use that as a sort of indicator..count the kicks and all that).

    Anyway, taking all that into account, you’re doing great and freaking out is part of it (especially for IF-sisters). Hang in there, and try to trust your body and intuition as much as possible 🙂

    *sending good vibes for continueing healthy pregnancy*

  2. I had all sorts of weird and scary pains amd twinges. How horrible that you can’t find any medical people to talk to! I hope the next few weeks fly by uneventfully and you can enjoy this part of being pregnant as it wad my favourite, and, lets face it, you’ve earned a little easy time. x

  3. Lightening cooch… Poor you. I would’ve been worried too if I can’t get an answer from anybody and am given the run around. But I am so excited for you that you’re truckin’ along! Hoping for a very uneventful rest of your pregnancy. 🙂

  4. It must be so scary after watching your sister go through all those miscarriages. I just can’t imagine. Are you going to book any extra scans to reassure you?

    I’m sorry, but lightening cooch sounds quite nice. I hope I get it soon 😉

    • It is but I’m trying to keep calm :/
      I’m going to see after my midwife app next week as will hopefully hear the heartbeat then so that will help… Am sure I’ll have another scan though!!
      It’s not nice!! It’s bloody painful!

  5. It’s called crotch lighting and it’s a real pregnancy thing. Had it terrible with my last baby. It is SCARY! But totally normal. Literally called crotch lighting. As for the cramps in the side, that sounds very much like round ligament pain. I’ve had it so bad that I couldn’t walk. I thought I was in labor that’s how bad it hurt. At times, it’s like a rupturing cyst. If you’re still concerned then I would definitely go to A&E but both of these things sound very normal albeit unnerving. 🙂

  6. I bet you are worried! the other day I was telling a doctor that i will probably worry until very late because my mum had a very late miscarriage (6 months). She said not to worry about it. That I can’t have all the bad luck in the world. I think the same goes for you. As you say your sister gets pregnant really easily, so you don’t have the same problem. Hope the pains stay away!! xx

  7. I had lightening cooch too around 15 weeks. I actually googled “lightening storm in belly” among other things. It has calmed down now at 17 weeks but I still get a little zap here and there.

  8. Wow! So exciting to hear you’ve had your beautiful wedding and now you’re up to the second trimester – so happy for you 🙂
    Re: your symptoms….I think that it could quite possibly be symphysis pubis pain. It can radiate down into the clitoris (see this link: http://www.birth.com.au/symphysis-pain-during-pregnancy/symphysis-pubis-pain-during-pregnancy#.VF2a4Eu69g0). It could be the pain referred to as lightning crotch – but I always thought that tends to be more in the vagina and related to baby kicking down low which is less likely at your stage of pregnancy IMO.
    From my knowledge and experience there are 2 key things that will cause all sorts of pregnancy pain: 1/. Pain related to ligaments loosening up – especially in the pelvis (and joy of joys it can be painful when they re-tighten after you’ve given birth too) or 2/. Pain related to uterine ligaments stretching as the uterus grows.
    I hope things continue to go well for you. Make sure you mention to any caregiver your sister’s history of recurrent late miscarriages so they can factor this in to their assessment of you!
    Lots of love and luck from down under 🙂
    P.S. Did Pumpkini ever make it home??

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