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Decisions decisions

After a fairly sleepless night the call came early this morning – 3 of our 4 embies had survived. One had 6 cells, two had 7 cells. The clinic advised us to wait to go to day 5 and try for a blastocyst, saying it was unlikely that we’d have any to freeze as only 3 left, but they also said they understood if we’d rather go for transfer today (day 3), and if so would recommend transferring 2.

What a decision to make. In such a short amount of time. We decided to go into the clinic to talk it through with the doctor (as only spoke to embryologist on the phone) but we’d pretty much decided to transfer the two today. The thought of getting to day 5 (which is on my birthday!) and being told that none had survived was just too too scary. It was also pretty scary going against the clinic’s advice – they are the experts afterall – but we just had to go with our guts.

By the time we got to the clinic (3 hours after the call from the embryologist) our little 6 celled embie had been doing funny things. It had gone from 6 cells back down to 4 cells – apparently this is very unusual. Embryos should not do this, normally they just stop growing not regress so the decision was kind of made for us. The doctor and embryologist agreed that with just 2 embies still going, the best plan was to just get them back into me today. I’m so pleased we followed our guts and went into the clinic, I really do feel like it was the best decision in the end.

So in they went. And I am very grateful to have got here and be sat in bed PUPO but also….really very disappointed to have no embies to freeze. This round cost so much money, especially as I needed a load of extra stims, and we’ve just got this one shot.  If it doesn’t work – which, quite frankly it probably won’t – we’ll have to start all over again. Again. And I ain’t getting any younger (or richer).

But for now I’ve got to try to put this all from my mind and just relax and welcome my little embies. Wish me luck.

27 thoughts on “Decisions decisions

  1. Definitely sounds like the right decision was made. I know how disappointing it is to have no frosties, but focus on the two you have on board that have every chance. Lots and lots of luck. I’ve got everything crossed for you – well everything except my legs, as I’ll need those open for my own egg collection this week!

  2. Am I getting ahead of myself if I’m hoping that by the end of the two weeks you’ll have thriving twins? I’m going to wish it for you.

    I was so disappointed when I didn’t get a frostie the first round but try not to think about next steps – just focus on being PUPO.

    So much luck being sent your way. xx

  3. Such hard decision making! I hope you feel ok with the choice you made. I would have done the exact same. Congrats on being PUPO hun. Enjoy, rest up and snuggle with your embies. I have crossed everything crossable for you sweetie xxx

  4. Well done for following your guts! My RE always says they are better inside mum than in the lab. I hope you are resting up after such a big decision to make… I have everything crossed for you!! Best of luck lovely!! xx

  5. See, your mothers intuition is already kicking in. I think it’s a great sign that you just KNEW to get those embabies back home where they belong. Fingers crossed for sticky, thriving babies!!!

  6. Oh hun, I know how you feel. I was so disappointed that we didn’t have any to freeze this cycle either. And we transferred 2 on day 3.. but… let’s have faith. There is no reason to think we won’t get a positive test! Prayers to you!

  7. Thinking of you. I head back in the next week for round 8 (what the farkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk). I am doing bloody so much to get my ovaries to behave that it is ridiculous!

  8. Ah, I understand that disappointment, having had a less-than-stellar fertilization/freezing result myself. But you may very well be growing a family inside you right now. I read one thousand blogs at this point and I keep seeing it happen, again and again. There’s a luck wave going on right now! Ride it…

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