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Booked in

Apparently the universe decided I haven’t already had enough medication-buying induced stress as on Saturday morning when Healthcare at Home were supposed to deliver more Gonal F, they didn’t. I called them. Their fertility department is closed on a Saturday. Their ‘customer service’ department couldn’t tell me if it was or wasn’t going to be delivered at some point that day (it wasn’t).

So we called Lister in a panic. Luckily we called 10 minutes before they closed their pharmacy. The nurse who answered my call was amazing. She was so nice and calm and lovely. She collected the meds from the pharmacy and stayed at the clinic until DH got there at 2.30pm, even though she was supposed to leave at midday. Amazing. I’m SO angry at Healthcare at Home. If we hadn’t been able to get the meds from Lister the whole cycle would have been ruined – we would have lost thousands of pounds, but worse the last few weeks of drugs and stress and general awfulness would have been for nothing. As it was, it took poor DH 4 hours to get to the clinic and back as the trains and tubes had various engineering works going on. My hero.

Anyway, today we went along to the clinic again for a third stimms scan and have finally been booked in for egg collection on Thursday. I’ve got 4 follicles between 16-19mm and 2 at about 14mm. I’m hoping so much the smaller ones will catch up – I have to say I’m a bit disappointed to be on this massive dose of drugs for longer than I was on the lower dose last time, and at the moment have 1 follicle less. I’m trying not to stress about it as you just never know with IVF, nothing is a given – I’ve got to try to keep focused on just having one to transfer.

If we do manage to go to blastocyst like last time, transfer day will be next Tuesday – my birthday. Not sure how I feel about this. Wasn’t exactly planning a party but not sure spending the morning with a strange man putting his hands in my vagina is really the best way to celebrate! Said this to my sister, who is recently divorced and she said that’s exactly what she wants for her birthday!! I guess it’s a matter of perspective 😉

17 thoughts on “Booked in

  1. LOL! It is about perspective! I am so glad your clinic helped you out! They become like family or really close friends. That’s awesome!

  2. So sorry you had so much stress. I had a horrendous time with Healthcare at Home during my first cycle and now, although my clinic usually use them, I’ve refused to use them again. Fortunately I was able to get all the drugs for my current cycle direct from the clinic at the same price – they did me a favour, and I’m pleased your clinic helped you out too!
    I have everything crossed for Thursday for you!

  3. Oh hun FFS, is there no one we can depend on in this freaking TTC industry?! I’m so glad you had a kind soul at the lister to help out. Bloody hell, you’ve been through it all 😦
    I’m crossing everything for this cycle, I want nothing more than for this to work for you. Sending hugs and love and support xxx

  4. I hate when such unnecessary stressful things happen. I’m really glad the nurse at Lister was nice and waited for you. It warms up the heart when we finally meet someone nice.. yey for EC on Thursday. I have everything crossed for you!! Hope those lazy follies catch up. xx
    PS: Your sister is awesome!

  5. I have to say that your experience with HaH have put me off using them. I couldn’t work out how to get a quote from them anywhere. And unless they’re massively cheaper than what I’m currently paying, I think I’ll stick with my clinics pharmacy.

    • The bugger with them is they are massively cheaper! But I’m so angry and stressed with them. I’d say if you’re preordering a bulk lot that is not urgent its fine (although be prepared for then not to turn up!) But if it’s urgent definitely get it direct from the clinic!

      • I think it depends on what clinic you’re at each clinic negotiates its own prices with H@H but I’m at Lister and it’s £149 per 900iu pen plus £30 delivery. Don’t have experience with asda but hear they are terrible with customer service. Can get quote from H@H on 08003285323

      • Interesting. Definitely worth a call to them I think. Although I’m trying to avoid stress, so maybe for this cycle I’ll keep with clinic. So much for Asda doing “zero profit” ivf drugs!

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