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Pissed off and judgey

I know IF likes to take the piss but this is just getting ridiculous now.

All my sexual health tests are still in date from my first fresh cycle, apart from the chlamydia and gonorrhoea tests which were done earlier. In an effort to keep the costs down for this cycle since we’re paying for it now I thought I’d get the tests done at my GP. But they don’t do it at the GP, I have to go to a specialist sexual health clinic. There is one near-ish to us (half hour drive) but I thought I’d be clever and go to one that is near work, meaning I’d have to have less time off work – a good thing considering how many appointments I’m going to at the moment.

The only problem is I work in Tower Hamlets, the most run down borough in London. So this morning I went along to Whitechapel sexual health clinic. There are no words. They pretty much used posters about domestic violence and prostitution as wall paper, and by the looks of the people around me, with good reason. (and yes, I know how judgey that sentence is but if you were there, you would be judgey too. And if you think I’m a bad person for this then you’re judging me for being judgey so where does that leave you?? Judgey, that’s where!)

I did the swab test in the grimmest toilets I’ve ever been in (including festival toilets and holes in the ground in Asia) and then waited for 45 mins. Went in and spoke to the woman who said ‘call this number on Friday and it will give you the result’*. I asked if I could get a print out of the result as my fertility clinic aren’t exactly going to take my word for it…and I can, but it costs £30 (and another £30 for DH) and I have to go back to the clinic next Friday, when I was planning to work at home as I’ll be exhausted as I’ll have been on stims for over a week and have 2 full days of meetings on Wednesday and Thursday (and will also have to fit in a visit to Lister on Thursday somehow). UGH!

So then I thought I’d go back to plan A and check if my local-ish sexual health clinic will charge me, and if not go and do the test again there. I got back to the office at 11.10am and went to call them. They close at 11am on a Friday.**

I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS. Seriously, I feel like I’m going to break. I just want a baby, why does everything have to be so hard? I just want a baby.


*She also offered me condoms….seriously lady, I’ve just told you I need these tests for my fertility treatment. I do not, and apparently have never, needed condoms!!

**Even in the throes of my anger/despair I couldn’t help but chuckle that the local sexual health clinic’s phone number ends in 6969….you can’t make this shit up!

18 thoughts on “Pissed off and judgey

  1. OMG so many emotions reading this post hun. 1) I worked in whitechapel for 5 years…Nuff said 2) huuuuugh is the sound of my dry heaving of swabbing in disgusting toilets worse than festivals and holes in asia cos I get that too 3) overwhelmed by your incredible dedication, I would do the exact same thing 4) pissing myself at the phone number, it has GOT to be intentional, GOT TO BE!? 5) the sadness I feel at you having to go through this shit, it breaks my heart. Lister has got to pull out all the stops this time. Sending so much love xxx

  2. OMG! There are no words for that.. Condoms. Pretty obvious the woman listened to NOTHING you were saying. Make yourself a batch of virgin strawberry daq you deserve it!

  3. It’s so insulting. In my state in is we have to get a police check and a social services check before we can do IVF it’s so very insulting and degrading.

  4. That sounds like quite an adventure..And one you should have been able to avoid! I did have a great laugh at the 6969 number. Thanks for it!
    No breaking now. Not after all the work you’ve done.. Hang in there honey!! xx

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